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Make your mark on Australian history when you call our Highfields, Toowoomba team today 

Preserving authentic Australian history

Volunteering is an essential part of keeping the spirit and preservation of authentic Australian history alive in the Highfields Pioneer Village. Not just a tourist attraction, Highfields Pioneer Village is a full on community.

When you volunteer in the Highfields Pioneer Village, you join a dynamic and evolving community of real and excited people, ready to share and preserve the culture and history of this unique little place.

Alongside the joys of keeping this slice of Queensland history alive though managing our heritage tourist attractions, you also receive a few benefits. Check them out below and sign up today: for more information about your role in the preservation of Australian history. 
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Benefits of Membership

  • Monthly newsletter and member recognition
    in the newsletter
  • Free entry to the Village all year round
  • The gratitude of teachers, schoolchildren and historians
    throughout the region
  • The fellowship of other likeminded people

Membership categories

  • Ordinary $25
  • Associate $10
  • Junior $10 (10 to 18yrs)
  • Insurance $20.00

Join today!

Whether you have just a couple of hours a month or all the time in the world, your help is valuable to us.

The Village is always looking for people to help with everything from data entry and tours to sewing, gardening, restoration and carpentry.

Let us know your available time and the skills you’d like to offer and we’ll offer you the opportunity to use them well in a place where they’ll be warmly welcomed and truly appreciated!

Please contact us to find out more about our Grey Nomad Volunteer Program.

Step back into Australian history and show your support today: call 07 4696 6309 for more information about the volunteering program! 

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