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A gorgeously preserved heritage tourist attraction, located in Highfields, Toowoomba

Explore the Toowoomba Fire
Brigade Museum

The Toowoomba Fire Brigade Museum houses an historic collection of memorabilia, documenting the story of the people who have worked every day to keep us safe from fires since 1877. The collection includes Uniforms, Badges & patches, historical records & photographs and over 6 Historic Fire Engine Vehicles, Apparatus, Models & Collectibles. 

Entry to the Museum is included in your ticket to the Highfields Pioneer Village, open 7 days a week, from 11:30am to 3pm! Available for Guided tours for Coach Groups.

Visit the iconic Ambulance Museum

The Ambulance Museum tells the story of Ambulance services
in Queensland.

This story, spanning over 100 years includes many key events and people from our local area. This diverse collection included historic First Aid equipment & memorabilia from WW1 & WW2.  

Entry to the Museum is included in your ticket to the Highfields Pioneer Village, open 7 days a week, from 10am to 4pm!  Available for Guided tours for Coach Groups.

Educational Tours for Schools

Please contact the Village Office for more information
on 07 4696 6309.

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Check out the stunning Queensland Energy Museum

Concerned that historical evidence illustrating the development and progression of the industry was in danger of being lost or destroyed, a small number of electricity industry employees, decided to form a Historical Committee.

The committee, established in the 1980s, aimed to collect and preserve items of interest that represented changes and developments within the electricity industry in Queensland. The structure of the committee was informal with honorary members. Regular meetings were held and reports printed.  Initially, many large objects were stored at Tennyson Power Station in Brisbane. 

A former tramways sub-station in Windsor, Brisbane became the repository for documents, books, photographs, maps, drawings, and small objects such as testing equipment, meters and domestic appliances. As the centenary of Queensland’s electricity supply industry approached, members of the committee and other electricity industry employees prepared an exhibition called 100 Years of Electric Light to celebrate the first demonstration of electric street lighting in Brisbane in 1882.

For the centenary in 1988, a large Switched-On Power Show, put together in conjunction with Queensland Museum was available for the public to view.

Both exhibitions were popular and gained good coverage by the media. To ensure the ongoing preservation of the industry’s history, the committee decided that a formal Trust should be established with a museum, which would provide the space for the historical collection to be displayed and viewed by the public.

The addition of archival material would offer an excellent education and research resource for the benefit of present and future generations.

Over 60 authentic buildings

Over 60 faithfully restored and authentic relics of Australian history await you at the Highfields Pioneer Village.

Everything from shops, houses and multipurpose buildings all saved from demolition with the dedication of our volunteers in relocating these pieces of history from the Darling Downs region.

Check out the gorgeous surrounds, and stunning buildings: there’s so much to see, do and explore here at the Highfields Pioneer Village. 

Enjoy authentic Australian damper
and tea

Looking for more things to do in Toowoomba? If you get hungry, we are also able to offer authentic billy tea and damper bread. Just make a booking for more than ten people to participate.

Enjoy the unique smells, sights and tastes of authentic Australian tucker, just like the pioneers and early settlers of yesteryear at the Highfields Pioneer Village! Step back into Australian
history today!
authentic australian damper and tea

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