A gorgeously preserved heritage tourist attraction, located in Highfields, Toowoomba

Affordable historical fun for all

Our passes are super affordable, making the Highfields Pioneer Village a unique and affordable experience for everyone.

Prices start at $10 Adults, $8 Concession, $5 Children or $25 Family (2A + 4Ch).

There are now EFTPOS facilities at the Village, making it so much easier to get in and enjoy this unique peek into Australian settlement history.
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What will you see, and what will you do?

Our unique and idyllic little patch of Australian history has a series of gorgeous and stunning relics into the past, which have been kept in a perfect condition for years. Learn about and explore the: 

  Heritage Chapel - built in 1909 is available for weddings and christenings of all denominations.

  Southern Cross Museum featuring products made by the Toowoomba Foundry including the Southern Cross Windmills.

  Ambulance Museum telling the story of Ambulance Services in Queensland including first aid equipment from WWI.

  Village Silversmith combining modern ways with old school jewellery making techniques.

  The Toyshop featuring handmade kinetic wooden pioneer toys.

  Slab Cottage - see what life was like for the Pioneers as you wander through this faithfully restored slab cottage built in 1900.

  Authentic damper and billy tea available everyday! Bookings required for groups of over 10 people

And much more... No matter how old you are there is something for everyone at Highfields Pioneer Village!

Explore our local slice of Australian history today: Call 07 4696 6309

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